Clothes items, beanies, mittens and bags: Welcome to Nordic Design Collective’s assortment of stylish accessories. Whether it is warm or cool, we have something for you. Whether it is formal or informal, outside in the sun or inside with a blanket, we supply the perfect match for any outfit. The ideal additions to your wardrobe are waiting for you in this category.

Accessories in Unique Scandinavian Design

Clothes are more than just a second skin: their primary purpose is to keep warm when the weather’s cold, and keep cool when the sun is blazing. But they offer more than that. They reveal our attitudes, ideas, inspirations, and more importantly, our tastes as well. Some may prefer a simple, low maintenance fashion statement – while others may prefer something trendy to grab attention.

Nordic Design Collective has chosen to work with some of the best and most creative Scandinavian designers to offer a wide variety of stylish and clever accessories. All that you have to do is browse to find your match.

Make Your Style Statement

Our designers have created some inspiring choices when it comes to clothes and accessories. You can find any style, colour and fabric that fits your personality perfectly. There are warm fabrics for the colder months, with just a hint of colour to cheer you up. There are sheer fabrics that will hang loose around your body and be ideal for summer months. You will see pleasantly light pastoral shades on our warm weather wear.

Maximise, Accessorise

Now this is where you can truly make your individual style come to the fore. In this category you will find an impressive line-up of accessories to address your every need. If you want to stay warm and cosy during the bleak, winter months, take a look at our interesting range of beanies and mittens. Then we have a splash of creativity with our tote bags with prints of interesting motifs. If you are looking for something more functional, check out our selection of soft leather messenger bags. They are available in multiple rich colours, and ideal for both work and play.

With our accessories collection, you will find a variety of items that will match your style and personality.