babyfriendly lunadolls by Luna Dsign

Lunadolls is the name I´ve chosen for my handmade creations.. They are as unique as you and me! If you think these dolls are just for kids, you are so wrong. They are appreciated by adults as well as by kids..

My name is Malin Steding and I´m the creator behind the company Luna Dsign, with the colourful Lunadolls.
I live in a small village outside Luleå, in the north of Sweden and it´s here all the odd Luna´s are born..
I´ve been creating my Luna´s for 4 years now and I still love every moment of it. It´s kind of funny that I spend most of my time sewing, because the truth is - I used to hate it when I was younger. The worst gift I could think of getting was a sewing maschine.
But last year that was at the top of my wishinglist and this has proved to be the best gift ever.
All my Lunadolls are made by me. I never know what the result will end up like when I get started. Everything is cut, sewed and decorated without patterns.
I don´t know how to work with patterns.

The dolls are made out of socks. New and unused since it´s not so funny with discoloured socks with holes.
I use soft stuffin fibre as filling and then I decorate them with for example felt and buttons.

The first Luna I made was some kind of cute bear. But I quickly realised how boring that was. It´s much more fun to freak out a bit. That´s the way it is!

The funny thing with Lunadolls are the fact that not a single one looks the same. They all have their special look and personality - that´s what makes them so unique.
It doesn´t matter how many who owns a Luna, you will never have one with the same look.

Visit any toystore in the world and you´ll se dolls and stuffed animals all looking the same. It gets boring.
Here you´ll have something that´s cheeky and stands out. At the same time it shows how wonderful it is to be different,. odd and unique.
The Lunadolls have proven to be equally popular for adults as for kids. I´ve made special Luna´s for bosses who is going to retire, graduationgifts and babygifts.

A while ago I made a collection of "tooth trolls" who now lives at dentists all over Sweden..

My Lunadolls have moved to a lot of countries outside Sweden. As far as I know they live in Germany, Norway, Australia, Spain, USA and the Netherlands.

I have only one thing to say: It´s cool to be unique!

babyfriendly lunadolls

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