Studio Ljung & Ljung

Studio Ljung & Ljung is a Stockholm based studio founded by Martin Hedenström Ljung and Greta Ljung.

Studio Ljung & Ljung was founded in 2012 by architect Martin Hedenström Ljung and designer Greta Ljung.

Art, design and architecture are complex matters. There are no simple solutions and methods. We like to twist and turn the assignment into something with meaning. This can be an interesting story, a new material, a new function, a possibility for a family to grow and hopefully in all cases a start of a new friendship. We believe that design is a way to bring people together and improve life. Yeah, also saving the planet.

For the POP-project we wanted to work in a way that takes both social and environmental aspect in to consideration. POP is a versatile lamp with a contemporary, yet organic look produced in small scale in the mountains of Thailand. The lampshade is handmade in smoked bamboo and is the result of a collaboration between us and non-profit organisation “Sop Moei Arts”.

The lampshades are made up of modules that can be combined in various ways. This also makes transport easier. The bamboo is harvested from Sop Moei Arts sustainable small-scaled plantation and the finished lamp is smoked in the traditional way from the region to enrich the natural patina of the bamboo.

Studio Ljung & Ljung