kids clothing

If you are looking for well-designed and great looking clothes to help add some fun to your kid’s wardrobe, then the highly-talented independent Scandinavian designers at Nordic Design Collective have exactly what you are after. These clothes are also perfect gifts for your children, friends’ children, or for a young relative.

Kids clothing in unique designs

Children’s clothes are not just for wearing – once we grow older and grow out of them, they make for lovely keepsakes and reminders of the innocence of childhood. That’s one of the reasons it’s a good idea to invest in high quality kids’ clothing. In this category you will find just that – well-designed items created by some of the most talented up-and-coming Nordic designers today.

Durable Scandinavian design

Not only are these products stylish and fun, but they are also very durable. This is a plus that parents of gung-ho kids will surely appreciate. Durability means that the beautiful designs can be worn for longer – including by younger siblings, once the original wearer grows out of them. The cute designs are printed on soft, comfortable material that is easy to move ad run around in – perfect for your kids.

Focus on the environment

The talented designers we have chosen to work with Nordic Design Collective know just how important it is for their products to be environmentally friendly and, as a result, many of the items of clothing available, such as the fun Scandinavian animal themed t-shirts, are made from organic and environmentally friendly materials. To add to this, the organic material used is Fairtrade certified cotton. The designs are also inspired by Scandinavian nature and wildlife, putting further focus on the environment. Great for environmentally conscious parents – and for children interested in the animal world!

So go ahead, browse through our selection and add a touch of quality, fun, and style to a child’s wardrobe courtesy of some highly talented independent Scandinavian designers.