wallpaper & walldecor

Explore this category to find inspiration for your next home makeover. Whether you are planning to relocate, or looking to renovate your home, these wallpapers and wall decors from Nordic Design Collective can solve your design challenges. Most wallpapers and decors are made from vinyl, and are perfect for any room in the house.

Beautiful Wallpaper & Wall Decor

Time to introduce funky, modern and hip designs into your home by using only the best wallpaper and wall decor from Nordic Design Collective. Inspired by Nordic culture, and crafted by independent designers with a knack for beauty and creativity, these home decors can help homeowners and decorators add a dash of style and character to any room in the home or office.

Add character to your home’s walls

Wallpaper is no longer just used to cover the imperfections and damages on the walls. When made from the right materials, with creative prints and illustrations, wallpaper can also add character and colour to your walls. From the boldest designs and motifs to the most basic and subtle textures, wallpaper can easily transform the look of your room. If you want to bring warmth and smiles to any room, simply use sunny yellow prints. To add an element of fun in kids’ rooms, choose a wallpaper with creative prints. Using these wallpapers is easy, since most products come in different pre-measured lengths, so you will find it easy to apply these to your walls.

Add a few home decorations as accents

Colourful walls are never complete without the right home decors to serve as accents. If these wall decors are properly selected and placed in strategic locations, they can easily match the wall and even the prevailing design of the house. Wall decors come in many forms, from plant hangers to paper garlands. Use these decors to invite attention to a specific part of your house, or simply use them as conversation starters. Whatever home decor is selected, you can be sure it will mean an improvement to your home’s style and atmosphere. With these wallpapers and wall decors from Nordic Design Collective, your home need no longer be plain or boring.