various jewelry

In this category you’ll find various jewellery, such as hair pieces, body piercings, ear cuffs and other exciting varieties. These exquisite Scandinavian designs items bring out your individual style and allow you to make a statement. Our jewellery pieces also make lovely gifts.

Various Jewellery by Nordic Designers

When it comes to adding some sophisticated style and emphasis to your attire, jewellery is what you want. Most people consider it their trusted, go-to fashion item. The right jewellery can sprinkle just that little bit of glamour on your attire. When you step out, all the attention is on you. Nordic Design Collective has created an exquisite collection that will elevate your style with a minimum of effort.

Spotlight Style

The truly glamorous know how to turn the spotlight their way. With our jewellery collection, you can now accent any outfit for any occasion and turn the ordinary into something stunning. Our talented designers offer you a collection that is rich, not only in design, but also in construction and quality. They work only with the best materials. In our selection, you will find an assortment of items crafted from precious silver, and nickel-free metals.

Pick and Choose

Browse this category and you will see a section brimming with ideas and unique designs. There are items that cover all essential parts of your wardrobe – from cool cufflinks to elegant piercing jewellery. There are also hair sticks that can add charm and grace to whatever hairstyle you choose. The designers at Nordic Design Collective have sourced some of the best Scandinavian designs for inspiration. You will find unique geometric patterns and exotic craftsmanship that is simply irresistible.

Nordic Design Collective believes that jewellery is a part of fashion that can truly elevate your personal style. When you step out with some of our precious adornments, you will not only make an impression but you will also be carrying around a small work of art. Browse this category for some of the amazing, trendy and different pieces of jewellery.