cutting boards

Chopping vegetables and meat need no longer be a dreary task. With our range of colourful and interesting chopping boards, your kitchen will light up with inspiration. Choose from a wide range of colours, Scandinavian motifs, and Nordic designs. One thing we can assure you is that you will never be bored while preparing that favourite meal.

Cutting Boards in Unique Designs

Most people view cutting produce as a necessary mechanical task, a chore that needs to be done. True, the meat and vegetables need to be sliced and diced before cooking them. But ordinary cutting boards may bore you to death before you finish cutting up that onion and wiping the tears from your eyes. .

Nordic Design Collective has an ideal solution. .

Creative Cutting Boards

One look at our cutting boards, and you would probably want to spend more of your time chopping produce. Inspired by striking Scandinavian designs, there are a variety of boards available in interesting shapes and colours. You will find square boards, rectangular boards, and even oval shaped ones. There are also cutting boards with handles to make things easier for you. .

Cool Designs

In terms of design, you will not be disappointed with our range. You’ll find cute boards that have cats and dogs staring into the distance with an adorable expression. They are so adorable that you may not want to cut anything on them! Then there are the cool boards with birds on them. They perch against the backdrop of a night sky twinkling with stars. The black and white finish gives them a unique style. There are also boards that are filled with pastoral colours that will grab your attention. The motifs range from mini-hearts and floral patterns to the more avant-garde. .

Dependable Functionality

At Nordic Design Collective we believe in style meeting substance. The cutting boards available in this category are gorgeous to look at, while at the same time being high on quality and functionality. Both sides of the boards can be used. Some of the boards come with a hole at the top, a useful feature that allows you to hang them on the kitchen wall; a great space saver. .