Our Manifesto. For life, design and business.

Earlier this spring, we sat down and tried to put words on our passion, why we are so committed in helping the designers we work with and clarify why we do the things we do. It is not about the money. For us, it is about supporting our designers as small business owners, and making the design industry a little bit better.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we started to see a pattern. A few sessions later, it had grown to a manifesto!

It is a short text about what we think is important in life, design and business from a more general point of view, and we got so excited we wanted to share this with everyone!


Be passionate.

Life is too short to settle for less.
Focus your time on things that trigger your energy and happiness. Mix business with pleasure, and talent with hard work. Life will be more fun when you are passionate about something, whether it is about your career, your home, your hobby or your relations. Do fewer things that you really care about, rather than trying to do everything other expects from you.

Create great things.

Make stuff that makes you proud.
Put your love in the things you are making and feel proud when you’re done. The love is all in the details. Don’t settle for mediocre or good enough, you are worth more than that. You know the feeling when you look at something and it feels just perfect? Strive for that as often as you can.

Share your ideas.

And give credit to the one who deserves it.
All ideas grow when you share them, and you get feedback that will allow you to turn your idea into something even better. We all get inspired by others. Be proud enough to create your own thing from that inspiration. Give back to the ones that provided the inspiration, ideas and feedback. We got our inspiration to create this manifesto from Maptia and Holstee. Thank you!

Be kind.

Compassion brings happiness.
The world around you will become a happier place when you’re kind and generous. For us, kindness is about supporting our designers, being generous with feedback, sharing our learnings and being helpful whenever we can.

Be brave.

Find your way and believe in it.
Listening to your heart is a brave thing to do. The designers we work with have all decided to go their own way and start their own companies and we want to support them as much as we can. It takes a lot of guts to find your way and follow it! It is a tough and exciting journey, and when you follow your heart and believe in what you set out to do, you will always be a winner. Try to find your true way, the way that will make you happy. Then – go after it.


Do you share our passion?

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