Browsing this category, you will find exceptional calendars printed with style and design in mind. Keeping track of bank holidays, birthdays, important appointments or meetings becomes more exciting, inspiring and fun! Whether you are looking for the traditional calendar or a modern one designed as a poster – you can find a multitude of choices at Nordic Design Collective.

Calendars in creative designs

Calendars are not just printed materials that can help households and busy professionals organise the days and months, and take note of local and national bank holidays and special events. In this category, you can find different designs for calendars that will appeal to a diverse set of needs and styles. You can find calendars that are printed and delivered in a paper tube, configured as a poster, and can be protected using a glass frame. You can also find decorative wall calendars, detailing each month on a page. To appeal to modern sensibilities, calendars inspired by number cubes are also available. In all these calendar designs, you can expect a personal touch and creative designs made by independent designers who combine function and style perfectly.

Calendars with creativity and style

Now is the best time to give your home or office a dash of style and character by using these creatively designed and modern calendars, which are based on Nordic and Scandinavian design traditions. Whether you go for the traditionally designed calendars or the ones that are designed as wall posters, you will find the best opportunity to redecorate your walls and infuse character into a room. With these calendars, you can find another reason to redesign the walls of your home, or change the theme of your home. You can position the calendars on the wall to give it a splash of colour, or place the cube calendar on your table to give your environment a sense of personality and style.

Flexible calendars, for different lifestyles

Whatever your lifestyle or preferred home decor, you will find the perfect calendar to suit your needs. All of our calendars are made by independent designers, and most are inspired by Nordic designs. We make sure that our products will bring value to your home, and help make a creative difference. With our creative calendars, you can expect a different way of visualising the days and months of the year.