In this category, you will find a large variety of beautiful custom notebooks for all of your writing needs. We offer a large variety to suit many different types of people and situations. Whether you are writing at home, at work, at school, or in a coffee shop, our notebooks will make a statement that tells people that you are serious about both writing and style.

Notebooks with Scandinavian Class

Are you looking for a notebook that stands out from the crowd? The artistic notebooks made by Nordic Design Collective are Nordic influenced. The graphic designers and artists at Nordic Design Collective definitely make a statement with these beautifully designed notebooks.

Create the perfect mood for taking notes or writing in your daily diary, by choosing one of these beautiful notebooks. There are many designs to choose from and each one speaks to a different personality and style. The notebooks at Nordic Design Collective come in different sizes, which is perfect because it is makes it so easy to find one that suites you. Need something small enough to fit inside of your purse or pocket? How about a notebook that is big enough to write to your heart’s content without turning a page? Whatever your needs, you will find a great looking notebook that will fit your lifestyle, in this category.

Unlike the traditional notebooks that we all know from school or work, the designs and quality of these notebooks focus on the writer who cares for excellence and attention to detail. It is immediately apparent that the user cares about the writing they do, when they use a work of art to write on. Imagine the feeling that you will have when you notice the cover of this custom notebook and start writing in one of these wonderful notebooks. These notebooks are perfect for writers, but they have other uses as well. The pages are mostly blank, making them great sketch books, too.

The Scandinavian designers who created these wonderful notebooks are fantastic artists, as you can easily see from the products on display. Pictures do not do them justice, however. When you hold them in your hand, you can really get a feel for how exceptionally well-made they are.