Whoever said that sending postcards was a dying tradition has not seen the beautiful postcards found in this category. All of the postcards featured at Nordic Design Collective are true works of art and they all feature a unique design that has been hand-crafted by one of our amazing Scandinavian artists. Get one today and send it to someone you care about, to let them know how special they are to you.

Postcards to Make a Statement

Would you like to stay in touch with loved ones, friends, or colleagues? Postcards are a fun way to stay in touch to let the receiver know that they are special to the person sending the card. Although postcards are one of the oldest ways of staying connected, they are still very popular due to the feeling one has when receiving one in the mail. Sending postcards is a fun way to say that you care and that you think they are special. It is surely more thoughtful than an email, a Facebook message, or a Tweet.

There are probably millions of different kinds of postcards to choose from around the world and each has its own special mood or intended effect. Our postcards at Nordic Design Collective are designed with an artistic twist, and the artists have you in mind as they invent unique and beautiful postcard designs. Each contributing artist has their own personal style and when you find that perfect match, you can explore all that that particular artist has to offer. Choosing between the wide ranges of design options is a bit like choosing that perfect card as you travel around the world.

At Nordic Design Collective, you will see many beautiful hand-crafted postcards that scream personality and style. You can choose from hand-drawn designs and illustrations, paintings, photographs, silkscreen renderings, and many more styles. It is not only the type of art that you may be interested in, however. There is enough variety here so you can be choosy when it comes to the mood of the card as well. Need something serious for a boss or colleague? How about something cute for a loved one or child? No matter the reason for your buying custom postcards, you will find what you want at Nordic Design Collective.